Why Can’t Anyone Find My Website?

Do you have a new website, and now you are wondering, “Why is my website traffic so low, and why can no one can find my website?” We at GWS Web Design in Bakersfield hear this all of the time from clients of our competitors calling to ask why no one is finding the brand new and expensive website they’ve just completed. By the end of this blog post, you will not only know why no one is visiting your website, but you will also know how it can be fixed.

Here are 7 reasons why people aren’t finding your new website:

  1. Your website isn’t indexed. Meaning Google and other search engines don’t know that they need to send spiders to visit and crawl your site – and if they don’t know about you, therefore, neither does anyone else. Three good ways to fix this is to add an .xml site map to your website, submit your site to Google Webmaster tools, and add Google Analytics tracking code to your website.
  1. Your company is not doing keyword research to figure out what keywords to use – or you are only focused on highly competitive keywords. There are only 10 spots on the first page of Google results – Google will tend to give seniority to larger, more mature websites, so if you are only optimizing for competitive keywords that are also being used by larger, more trusted websites, you’ll likely never break into the first page. To fix this, use a keyword research tool to help you find keywords, and then utilize long tail keywords, which by their nature will have less competition. For example, instead of using ‘SEO’ as a keyword, you would use something like ‘Bakersfield SEO services for businesses’.
  1. You aren’t blogging – and you’re not using keywords in your blog. This encourages search engines to come back regularly to check up on your site. In addition, by including keywords in your posts, over time blogging can help your website to rank better for those keywords.
  1. Not using a platform that is mobile responsive and easy for search engines to index (which in turn means Google will rank it higher). To fix this, consider moving your site to a platform, like WordPress, or other similar options.
  1. You are not optimizing your site for images. You may not have included any images on your website, or you have not completed the alt text and title tag for each photo.
  1. Your website is slow. Most visitors will only wait 5 seconds for a website to load before exiting the site. Site and page speed also affects ranking on search engines. To fix this, run a site speed test on your domain which will tell you what parts of your website are slowing you down, and what needs to be fixed. Then implement the list of corrections.
  1. Keep content fresh and relevant – this will promote Google to crawl your website, increase organic visits and encourage loyal visitors to come back for new content.

If your company takes the time to implement these strategies, people will find your website and your website traffic will continue to increase over time. Do you need more help? Please give us a call if you would like help bringing more traffic to your website and increasing your website’s rank on Google, and we would be happy to help you.