What is the Importance of Having Good Website Content?

Often times, companies do not spend much time developing their website content as they don’t realize the value good website content has on their search rankings. In addition, creating good content can be difficult and time consuming. As experienced copywriters, we at GWS web design company in Bakersfield recognize all of these things, which is … Read more

Welcome to the Blog of GWS Web Design in Bakersfield, CA

Welcome to the new blog of GWS, a Bakersfield web design and Internet marketing company. We have decided to publish a blog for our customers and website readers, for the purpose of educating and informing our readers on topics related to web design, SEO and Internet marketing. Why are we starting a blog? With over … Read more

Why Can’t Anyone Find My Website?

why can't anyone find my website

Do you have a new website, and now you are wondering, “Why is my website traffic so low, and why can no one can find my website?” We at GWS Web Design in Bakersfield hear this all of the time from clients of our competitors calling to ask why no one is finding the brand … Read more